31 March 2021 @ 05:40 pm
Have a question or concern with how I portray Henry, or would you like the opportunity to just thread? Feel free to drop by here, or PM this journal if that is easier. However, I must mention that this portrayal of Henry draws more from his Japanese portrayal, though obviously some of the familiar localization!Henry most of us know and love is still here. I am attempting to find a balance between the two, because the localization took out quite a bit of Henry's depth and backstory in the process of making him the Heroic Comedian Sociopath with the Funny Guy vibe. Thus this portrayal is leaning more toward the original Japanese. But any feedback would be helpful!

Don't worry the hurricane of puns will still be here.

For more information on the changes Henry underwent in the localization process, here are some good places to look around:
    Fire Emblem Kakusei 2ch Wiki (Japanese)
    Fire Emblem According to Japan (Tumblr)
    Kakuseis (Translations she is adorable everyone come on)

Regarding Animus, Henry is unmarried but with all his A supports. For memes I am most familiar with Olivia, but obviously I'm willing to work out other supports if you'd like. Feel free to let me know if there's a specific one you want to try!